Angelic Vocals

Kelli Trottier toured much of the world as a featured soloist in the Sensational String Production, Bowfire for nine years,  “The finest lineup of fiddle and violin virtuosi ever assembled on one stage.”

As a triple threat, Kelli brings her crisp fiddling, Angelic voice and fiery stepdance to all of her performances.  Her talents carry her to stages across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far North, making fans and friends at every venue along the way.

Crisp Fiddling

Kelli has performed for Canadian soldiers in the Middle East and the Canadian Arctic.  She has brought twenty thousand NHL Ottawa Senators Fans to their feet many times as the featured mid-game entertainer.  More highlights for Kelli include performing for Sir Sean Connery’s Dressed to Kilt several times in NYC and for his private 80th birthday party in the Bahamas.

Her art was developed from deep and lasting Scottish and French roots, and together with other influences of contemporary and traditional music, Kelli shaped her performing and recording career.  She has earned a dedicated and growing following and glowing accolades from promoters, organizers and fans.

In addition to her extensive performing experience, Kelli continues to be a highly sought-after instructor and judge of fiddle and stepdance events across Canada and parts of the U.S.  She has been nominated three times for Fiddle Player ofthe Year by the Canadian Country Music Association and has performed live and in studio with George Fox,  The Family Brown, Randall Prescott, Wayne Rostad, Lucille Starr and more.

With nine independent recordings; singing, dancing and playing her way to the top of her musical genre, Kelli Trottier is an unforgettable and enchanting artist, consistently delivering performances that raise her stature in the hearts and memories of audiences everywhere.

Fiery Step Dance

Photos by Lorne Carmichael


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