Starbright Christmas  Cast 2013

Starbright Christmas
Cast 2013







The Final Touches

fiddlers down

some awesome kids

Final Concert

Having a moment

Dressed to Kilt

Fiddle Camps, Coaching and Judging

Performances with Bowfire, Duos and Trios

  • Back from a GREAT tour of BC and the dust has finally settled I think.   AND the snow has…

  •     Well It’s official….. I’m tired of winter and I don’t think I’m alone either.   But…. I’m a…

  • Touring: March BC, May NS, NB & CB

    It’s STILL winter!!!!!   Seriously??? I LOVE the snow and I even enjoy shovelling – I AM ready for spring…


    I’m not sure if the Groundhog saw his shadow yesterday or not but I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for…

  • Happy New Year!!!! Fiddling in the snow!

    O.k. I’m not really fiddling in the snow but I’m thinking it would make a great tune title! I hope…