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Back from a GREAT tour of BC and the dust has finally settled I think.   AND the snow has finally melted.  woohoo!   I was even driving with the windows down one day last week!

Thank you to all of our hosts in BC for giving us so many wonderful opportunities to perform.   Each experience was unique and so much fun.  I was really blown away by the number of people who came out to show their support.   What an awesome feeling!   I’m always grateful, after a tour, for the shared experiences,  great friendships and for the safe travel.

I hope to get back there again next spring!  It’s a wonderful way to get a jump start on the season too!

Now, doing shows in Ontario and gathering final details for our tour in NS and NB in May….. coming up very quickly now!

Anxious to get back to the East Coast again to do some teaching (Ship’s Company Theatre) with Gordon Stobbe and many other great instructors and performing with Greg Simm.

I’m still plugging away at the writing process but many ideas are still lingering.  Thank you all for your ideas and encouragement.  I love to share as much of my music experiences with you as I can.  You  keep me motivated.

I hope you all enjoyed a long and festive Easter weekend with family and friends.   I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Check our East Coast details on my events page:  (NS)  Halifax, Rawdon Gold Mines, Dartmouth, Guysborough, St. Peters, Parrsboro, Bridgewater, Annapolis Royal, (NB) Sackville, Fredericton, Plaster Rock,  Saint John.

Cheers, Kelli….   I will add a couple of photos for you too!

Posted on: March 9th, 2014 by Kelli

IMG_0773    Well It’s official….. I’m tired of winter and I don’t think I’m alone either.   But…. I’m a trooper and I’m a proud Canadian!

I’m trading in the shovel though, for my fiddle and finishing up the final details of our BC tour coming up!  I head out next Tuesday and Greg and I are really excited about our almost two weeks of shows!   I hope to see many familiar faces and I look forward to meeting many new folks as well…. to add to my ever growing fiddle family.

Check out our show stops on my events page:  Duncan, Victoria, Port Alberni, Vancouver, Hope, William’s Lake, Mara, Chase.

As soon as we return to Ontario….. you can find us in Ottawa, Kingston and Glengarry!

Stay tuned for more dates in NS, NB and CB in May!  I am so excited for spring and to get playing music again!!!   Cheers everyone…..  GREEN is in the forecast!!!  Kelli

Touring: March BC, May NS, NB & CB

Posted on: March 3rd, 2014 by Kelli

It’s STILL winter!!!!!   Seriously???

I LOVE the snow and I even enjoy shovelling – I AM ready for spring right about now though.  I’m sure we’ll all appreciate it this year more than ever.

Our BC tour is finally in place and our May tour in the East is coming together as well.

Note a few changes to the events page and please spread the word if you know people in some of the areas we’ll be hitting!

BC:  Victoria,  Duncan,  Port Alberni, Vancouver, Hope, William’s Lake, Mara, Chase.

Thank you to everyone who is helping to bring this tour to fruition for us.    Looking forward to getting out to the West coast again.  Cheers…. spring is around the corner!   Kelli



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I’m not sure if the Groundhog saw his shadow yesterday or not but I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for spring by now!

I have been busy building a tour for BC in March and dates and details are falling into place.  Please stay tuned for more…

AND stay warm and safe in this crazy winter we’re experiencing!

I hope to see you all soon…. some of you in BC in March,  ON in April,  NS and NB in May,  Manitoba in July and more to come…..       See my events page for details…    Cheers, Kelli

Happy New Year!!!! Fiddling in the snow!

Posted on: January 10th, 2014 by Kelli

O.k. I’m not really fiddling in the snow but I’m thinking it would make a great tune title!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful Holiday season and I wish you all the best in health and happiness for 2014.

Looking at the calendar, it would appear that I’m not working much for the next couple of months.  That would be true of “paid gigs” however this is one of the busiest times it seems.

This is the time when I am doing more office work;  booking gigs, festivals and tours, working out details, website updates, song writing and arranging,  choosing new band material, teaching lessons, prepping workshops etc.

Keep an eye out for dates in Eastern ON, BC, NB, NS and possibly Europe!!!!

Cheers to you all and I hope to see you soon!   Kelli

Starbright Christmas 2013

Posted on: December 17th, 2013 by Kelli
Starbright Christmas

Starbright Christmas

Starbright cast

Starbright cast





Starbright with Susan Gilmour

Starbright with Susan Gilmour

Merry Christmas everyone!   I just returned from an amazing three weeks with “Starbright” in Petrolia and Stratford.   What a wonderful kick-off to the Christmas season.   I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures though they can’t possibly capture the magic of the show.   I had a couple of great concerts with two of my band mates as well.   Now….. time to enjoy the snow, the tree and good  fun, friends and family over the holidays.    Best Wishes to all of you for the Christmas season.  Safe travels and enjoy time with your loved ones.   May the new year bring you much joy and good health.   To you…..   Kelli

Starbright Christmas!

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It’s like being in school again – in a wonderful way!

I’m in Sarnia rehearsing for my fifth or sixth Starbright Christmas production.  We are running songs and choreography all day and then  I spend my evenings and early mornings doing my own “wood-shedding”.   It’s an awesome challenge  and I’m thrilled to be working with David Hogan and David Rogers again.  I’m honoured to be a part of our incredible cast as well and I hope some of you will be able to check out the show either in Petrolia or Stratford.

This is WAY out of my usual comfort zone – singing songs I would never have dreamed of singing and wearing gowns and heels and even holding a microphone!!!   I will share pictures as I have them.  Here is a photo of our cast at rehearsal.  Did I mention we spend a lot of time laughing and being silly too?  I love it!

Starbright Christmas Cast

Starbright Christmas Cast

Christmas Concerts and Shopping??

Posted on: November 14th, 2013 by Kelli

We have enjoyed such wonderful weather this fall that it’s hard to believe that Winter and Christmas are around the corner!

I am heading off to “Starbright” this weekend to rehearse another magical show!  I thoroughly enjoy this process of learning new songs, singing with incredibly talented vocalists, studying choreography and playing “dress up”!  I am completely out of my element but “Starbright” is just something I am completely excited about.   If you get a chance to come out to a show, you won’t be disappointed.  It truly is magical.

If you’re in the Toronto area or know of others in the area, come out to the Musideum to see my concert with Lew Mele and Bill Bridges (of Bowfire) on Monday, Dec 2nd.   It will be a real treat to play with them in this intimate formation.

If you aren’t close enough for any of those shows, come to toast the Season with me as I perform with two of my band mates in the Kingston area.   We will be in Campbellford and then in Tamworth.   See my events page for details….. more coming soon!

I love this time of year too!!!!   All the best to you as you enjoy the “process” of getting busy and feeling festive.  Kelli    (If you care to do any Christmas shopping here…. I would be happy to help of course!) ha

Posted on: October 22nd, 2013 by Kelli

I just got back from a great weekend in Orangeville, teaching with Karen Reed and Chuck Joyce.  Thank you to Bill Elliott for inviting me to be a part of his teaching team.

Great players with much enthusiasm.   We all had a great time.

Home long enough to unpack, regroup, get some office work done and off to Parry Sound this weekend for the Autumn Fiddle Festival as a special guest at the Stockey Centre.

I missed it last year so I’m hoping to stay injury free and healthy!!!

After that, I will be ramping up for the Christmas season – Starbright in Petrolia and Stratford and then a couple of shows with Andy Thompson and Jerry Clancy in Tamworth and Campbellford.  I will also be doing a concert at the Musideum in Toronto with Bill Bridges and Lew Mele.  Two great musicians I worked with in Bowfire.  I hope to see many of you out!!!   It’s such a magical time of year!    Cheers…. I will be talking to you before then…. Kelli

Wearing different Hats

Posted on: October 7th, 2013 by Kelli

What’s with the raking leaves every few hours?   It’s like a snowstorm of colour out there!   And it’s beautiful isn’t it?

I thought I would find myself with plenty of time to write this fall…. and time to prepare for my next recording this winter.   Not so much!  Where does the time go?

I’m realizing I wear several different hats every day in this business:  performer, writer, dancer, fiddler, singer, songwriter, office manager, booking agent, program creator, web designer, promo person, career manager, teacher, book keeper, social media person and so many others!

Good thing I love what I do!   My time OFF stage is insanely busy and that’s not counting the time I want to spend connecting with “YOU”!

o.k. Gotta run…. more work to do.  Thank you all for keeping me inspired.  Kelli