Well it’s spring here in Abbottsford, BC!!!   The grass is green, the trees are starting to bloom and I’m hearing lawn mowers!!!
I’m hoping to find Kingston much the same when I return in two weeks!

I have been staying with a large family here while doing some workshops and shows.  Nine children, three farm helpers from other countries, hens, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats, birds and goats!!!!!  Even a few baby goats in the house!  You could say I’m not lonely!
I will move on today to Hope, BC where I will be instructing for the next week.  I believe I will be completely out of service there and then connecting with Bowfire in Dallas on Friday the 12th.  The time will fly!

I hope you’re all getting excited for spring!  I can tell you, it IS on it’s way, quickly!  Enjoy, Cheers, Kelli