o.k. so I can finally share the big news!!!!  The performance I had in the Bahamas last week was for Sir Sean Connery’s 80th birthday!!!!!   Yes, a few of us from Bowfire were flown in to surprise Sean Connery for a private, family only, birthday celebration!

I think he was as excited to see us as we were to see him!!!!  The event took place at a mansion, once owned by Cole Porter and Irving Berlin!!!

Sean was so emotional at first, he couldn’t speak but came up to each one of us to shake hands.  He then let loose and joined us on the dance floor and showed us his own moves!   He had a great time and I even got to enjoy about 20 minutes talking to him one on one.  He’s still got it!!!!!  It was wonderful to be there and great to see his kind and gentle nature with his family!   what a thrill!….  will share some pictures very soon and there are already many up on facebook.

From there, it was directly off to fiddle camp where I enjoyed working with a group of 6 for the week.  They were a great bunch and so enthusiastic!  The time was great from teaching to reconnecting with the other instructors/friends and of course, collaborating on some great tunes!

Now…. to catch up on busniness so that I can keep you posted on what’s coming up!   Enjoy the last week of summer!!!!!!   Kelli