Well THAT’s disappointing isn’t it?
I thought I had downloaded some pictures here for you!  Just kidding apparently!!!  So sorry about that.  I will see about putting some up asap!  If you’ve been on Facebook, you will have seen some already.

It has been a busy few weeks and just ramping up to get even busier!   Greg Simm arrives from N.S. this Week and I will be doing several house concerts with him this weekend!  Check out the details on the site here!  Not sure if there are any seats left but you can check anyhow!  Always great to see people in such intimate settings!

I’m working on a new website now and it should be up and running very soon!  Thank you all for your patience and support as I work through each project.

I will also have copies of STILL POINT (trio CD with Gordon Stobbe and Greg Simm)
available any day now from here or from me personally!   Thanks for staying in touch…   Pictures coming!!!!  Happy Fall!   Kelli