Well well…. It appears that I have slacked off a little lately with my blogs. Please don’t take that to mean I have been taking it easy!  Just so much to get done it seems.  I had a wonderful week in N.S. with great friends, Shivering strings music camp and concerts with Greg Simm.  It is always such a pleasure being out there.

Ahhhh and now home just in time to prepare and rehearse for the upcoming Bowfire tour for the month of March.  Our first show lands on my birthday of all days!  Hope to see some of you throughout the month.  Check the Bowfire tour schedule.  The closest we hit to home (my home) is Belleville on the 26th!

Watch for concert dates in early April with Greg Simm on Guitar…. more details to be added this week.  Thanks for staying tuned… so to speak!

It smells like spring today!!!!!!!!!!  Kelli