Well A big Thank You to everyone who came out to support my recent shows with Greg Simm and most recently with Matt Ray on guitar.  We had so many wonderful evenings with old friends and new ones now too!  Thank you to the many hosts, we had the pleasure of working with, for opening their homes to us all!  House concerts have become some of my favorite venues!!!

I am technically home now but always preparing for the next things on the calendar.  I have a show coming up with Andy Thompson at the Glen Lawrence Golf Club just outside of Kingston and we will be joined the rest of the Mushy Peas for a few concerts through the summer.  Please check the schedule for details.

I will be off to teach at various camps over the next couple of months… two in Manitoba, another in NS and of course the Grand Masters near Ottawa in August.  If you’ve never attended one…. there’s something for everyone!!!

I hope you’re all enjoying the greener grass and somewhat warmer temperatures.  I am seeing new growth out there so that’s promising.  Please drop me a line any time…  I hope to see many of you soon!!!  all the best, Kelli