I had a great time in Pine Creek, Manitoba last weekend teaching with 35 fiddle instructors from across the Country.  What a sight to see over 500 fiddle students gathered together,  and quite a task trying to tune their instruments all at once!  Does someone have a good “A”??? ha!   It was a long haul but well worth the time and effort to bring music to these remote areas.

Now I’m off to the East, working in NB and NS for the next couple of weeks.  It will be filled with studio work ( I always love working on  other people’s projects),  workshops, fiddle camp and concerts with Greg Simm.  Please check out our dates in case you can make it out to say hello!  I look forward to seeing my fiddle family out there!

Watch for dates with the Mushy Peas too this summer in Ontario.  It’s always great to play with them.  Need more of that!

Enjoy this warmer weather… finally!!!  Cheers, Kelli