Well I can’t believe it’s already the middle of June!  Seriously?

I have some shows coming up with the Mushy Peas so please check our schedule in case you’re able to come out to say hello!  These guys are some of the best musicians in Canada and I’m so fortunate to play with them.  They even do a stepdance number…. well if you can call it that.   We will be playing TOMMfest again this year (this weekend!!) and I hope that I”m not covered in Shadflies again!

I’m off to Pittsburgh after that to offer some workshops on Canadian Celtic Fiddling.  I will have the opportunity to work with some great String players and teachers….  Even Grammy Award winner, Richard Greene!  Although I will be in the U.S. on Canada Day,  I have all of my Canadian Garb packed and ready to celebrate it as well as I can.

Hope to see you all soon!  I will add some pictures when I can…. soon???  today? Tomorrow?   Stay tuned…. Kelli

I just uploaded a picture to my gallery…. I THINK….  in studio at Ray Legere’s