Summer is officially here and I just need to find some time to slow down to enjoy it!

I’m very busy just getting ready for it to get really busy.  Wow – That was a mouthful.

I had a great time in Pittsburgh working with some wonderful musicians and instructors at Strings Without Boundaries.  It was a great new experience for me and an honour to be among them.   I’m used to fiddle camps but seeing 6 cellists jamming was a pretty cool sight!

Looking forward to my show in Shawville next weekend working with Howard Hayes’ Band.  Should be a good time.

My early flight to Clear Lake Manitoba will come early the next morning – ouch!   Looking forward to teaching out there though for the following week.  I think I get home for one sleep after that  before heading to Glengarry to do some woodshedding on a CD project I’m working on.  I’ll be working there with Greg Simm and enjoying the luxuries of Hotel Trottier!   Thanks Mom and Dad.

I promised a picture last time but wasn’t successful.  I will try again now….  Thanks for staying connected.  Have a wonderful July!  I hope to see some of you out…. Maybe at my show in Westben with the Mushy Peas on July 30th. Concerts in the Barn!

Cheers, Kelli

Teaching Faculty, Matt Turner, Richard Greene, Julie Lyonn Lieberman and Me