Well I can’t believe all that has transpired since my last post and I’m still on the run here.  Heading to Hamilton in the morning to play for the Ontario showcase artists.  It has been a lot of learning and studying but it will be great.    On to Marmora on Friday for a show with my Mushy Peas,  MINUS, our awesome keyboardist and musical director,  Andy Thompson.   He had a spill on the weekend and has a broken wrist and injured shoulder.  He will be out of commission for a while so we will really miss him with us.   We have Matt Ray filling in at the last minute and I have every confidence in him filling the bill.

The show at the Hank Snow festival was incredible!  I got to play with two of Hank Snow’s touring musicians, one being Kayton Roberts on steel, as well as Ray Legere of course!

The Grand Masters was a blast – from start to finish.  I had a great group of students and our weekly lessons and concerts were better than ever.   The Grand Masters Competition was a real thrill for me to judge this year.  They use a very unique judging system and it’s the best I’ve seen.  Congratulations to all of the winners!

The Christmas CD recording went very very well.  I’m so excited!  Great musicians from Halifax giving this project a wonderful and different Feel.   I’m even excited about the rough mixes.  It is being mastered as we speak!  Yay!  Thanks Greg Simm for all of your hard work on this project.

Off to Altamont NY where I played with the Brigadoons all weekend.  It was a fun Scottish Festival and I had a chance to see so many good friends from my few years down there.  It turned into quite a reunion!  Good times.

Now… home just in time to unpack, do laundry, repack and head off for the last two gigs in this run….

Next week…. Greg Simm arrives for a series of house concerts and other performances including the International Ploughing Match!   Hope to see some of you out and about!!!

I AM due for a rest and will do my best to grab some of that this weekend…. .ahhhh…. Happy Back to School to everyone and I must say… I welcome this cooler weather…  It’s MY most wonderful time of the year!  cheers,  Kelli