Well I think I have my “land legs” back after a week.  We had a wonderful time cruising with the Brigadoons and a whole gang from Glengarry.  I also met many wonderful new friends/fans and enjoyed working with Charlie Zahm and David Smith as well.  I need to learn more Scottish Songs and get me a Kilt!!!  It’s just not the same on a woman though and I did learn that it’s called a “kilted skirt” for women.  I also learned the art of Scotch tasting.  Very interesting.  I even managed to do some Scottish Dancing thanks to the Drummond school of Dance.  Wonderful dancers and teachers.  I was able to find some quiet spots on the deck too to do some step dancing which helped to keep the extra pounds from piling on too aggressively!  Food food food!!!   I did the 5K walk for the Cure one afternoon too which was really nice to be a part of.   Thank you to Bill and Karen Reid for inviting me to be a part of their “Scotland Goes to Sea” Cruise!

On the Road Again…

After a quick stop at home to catch up on emails, do some teaching (and laundry) and do some back up vocals in the studio… it’s time to head out again.

I’m looking forward to heading back to NS this week to do some workshops and concerts with Greg Simm.  Please check out our schedule in case you can pop out to see us.  I will also be teaching with Greg and Gordon Stobbe at the Shivering Strings Music Camp Feb 10-12.  It is a wonderful camp at a beautiful Resort.  Great fun!

From there we will be heading to NB to do our first concert at the home of Ivan and Vivian Hicks’.   Legends in the fiddle world and I am honoured to be playing there. It will be a Valentine’s Day celebration!  Will be holding fiddle and dance workshops  there as well, the following day.  One more private show in NB the next day and then flying home.  Not all the way home though as I will be playing and singing at a wedding before making the final treck home.

wow!  I’m tired already!  No….. I’m really looking forward to the time ahead and thanks to Greg Simm…. He and I will be heading for the West Coast in March!  Keep an eye on our dates and details as they continue to be tweaked and finalized.

Thanks for stopping by…. Please drop me a note.  I love to hear from you.  Stay well and stay warm…. Spring is just around the corner!  cheers,  Kelli