I am so sorry for not getting here sooner!  I was touring through most of March and have spent much of April catching up and trying to get ahead.  Unfortunately, I don’t always get here to say hello – so Hello!  I try to wait until I have enough confirmed NEWS to share but I must try to touch base more often.  I appreciate your visits more than you know!

I trust you’re all MORE than ready for spring to get here.  I know I am.

I am looking forward to a couple of shows coming up with Andy Thompson – one with the Kingston Men’s Choir coming up on May 12th.  This should be a fun evening and a very new experience for me!  Can’t wait!  We will also be playing for the 10th anniversary of Sunharvest Greenhouses!

Just finished shooting some video footage with the Mushy Peas so will hopefully have that to share with you shortly.  It was a decent hair day fortunately so it shouldn’t be too bad!  It’s very informal but will be great to have something to show you!

I will be heading back to NS in May to teach at the Parrsboro fiddle camp at Ships Company theatre along with Greg Simm and Gordon Stobbe.  It’s always a great weekend.  Greg and I will be doing some concerts in the area, including a show at the Compnay House in Halifax and a house concert which may be of interest to some of you. We will go from there to a couple of concerts in NB as well…  a house concert on the home routes circuit in Saint John and will include a new stop at the Vintage Bistro in Hampton!

The Mushy Peas.... trying to look good but casual for the video. It's about the music right??

I’m looking forward to dates in June with Greg Simm, (Dunvegan/Glengarry, Wrentham, MA, Lexington, MA)  Teaching Celtic Fiddle at Duquesne University, “Strings without Boundaries” and playing a couple of shows with the Mushy Peas!!!

I am posting details, as many as I have – this morning…     I hope to see many of you out!  Thank you for your support AND your patience.  Please don’t ever hesitate to drop me a line to say hello.  It’s always great to hear from you…. Cheers, Kelli