Well I thought spring was about to spring but instead, more snow!    I do love winter and I think it’s a beautiful time of year but I must say I’m ready for warmer weather and greenery!

I have been spending much time writing these days, which feels great!  It had been a while since I took time to be creative and to be a musician rather than a business person.   It’s hard to balance the two.

I’m working on building material for my next recording so I’m quite open to ideas and suggestions!  I haven’t quite nailed down my direction yet so…. if you do have ideas you’d like to share, I’m all ears!

Gearing up for a busy spring ….when it decides to arrive!  I have a nice variety of work coming up with shows in Ontario, the US and then off to the East again for more work with Greg Simm.  Show schedule is coming soon!    I look forward to seeing many of you soon!  Cheers!  Kelli