It’s my favorite time of the year!  Love the fresh air and the colours.

Just finished a nice tour with Greg Simm here in Eastern Ontario.

Thank you to all of our hosts for giving us so many great opportunities

to perform and I want to thank everyone who came out to show their

support.  We realize it’s a busy time of year for families so your commitment

to come out to see us is greatly appreciated.  Last minute cancellations

make things very difficult for us and for our hosts so thank you.

This little GIFT below is something I wrote as a thank you to everyone

who rallied around me last fall when I was sick.  I hope you enjoy it.

It was the best way I knew how to say “thank you”.   Life is a gift, music is a gift and your friendship and support are true gifts to me.  Thanks, Kelli

If you have trouble with this link, please let me know.