I just got back from a great weekend in Orangeville, teaching with Karen Reed and Chuck Joyce.  Thank you to Bill Elliott for inviting me to be a part of his teaching team.

Great players with much enthusiasm.   We all had a great time.

Home long enough to unpack, regroup, get some office work done and off to Parry Sound this weekend for the Autumn Fiddle Festival as a special guest at the Stockey Centre.

I missed it last year so I’m hoping to stay injury free and healthy!!!

After that, I will be ramping up for the Christmas season – Starbright in Petrolia and Stratford and then a couple of shows with Andy Thompson and Jerry Clancy in Tamworth and Campbellford.  I will also be doing a concert at the Musideum in Toronto with Bill Bridges and Lew Mele.  Two great musicians I worked with in Bowfire.  I hope to see many of you out!!!   It’s such a magical time of year!    Cheers…. I will be talking to you before then…. Kelli