What’s with the raking leaves every few hours?   It’s like a snowstorm of colour out there!   And it’s beautiful isn’t it?

I thought I would find myself with plenty of time to write this fall…. and time to prepare for my next recording this winter.   Not so much!  Where does the time go?

I’m realizing I wear several different hats every day in this business:  performer, writer, dancer, fiddler, singer, songwriter, office manager, booking agent, program creator, web designer, promo person, career manager, teacher, book keeper, social media person and so many others!

Good thing I love what I do!   My time OFF stage is insanely busy and that’s not counting the time I want to spend connecting with “YOU”!

o.k. Gotta run…. more work to do.  Thank you all for keeping me inspired.  Kelli