Check this out….. Such an honour to have been one of three Canadian Fiddlers invited to be involved in this meeting and demonstration.  Incredible experience!!!!   There is a link at the very bottom that will hopefully work for you!

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June 19, 2014
National Fiddling Day Bill Passes in the Senate

Today, in the Senate Chamber, Senator Elizabeth Hubley’s private member’s bill, S-218, An Act respecting National Fiddling Day, passed third reading, receiving unanimous consent. The bill will now be sent to the House of Commons for further study.

This enactment would designate the third Saturday in May in each and every year as “National Fiddling Day.”

A truly unique committee hearing took place on June 18, 2014 and featured a few of Canada’s finest fiddlers. Calvin Vollrath from St. Paul’s, Alberta; Kelli Trottier, from Kingston, Ontario; Ivan Hicks from Moncton, New Brunswick; and Dr. Sherry Johnson an Associate Music Professor at York University.

Senator Hubley believes a National Fiddling Day would give Canada an opportunity to celebrate the fiddle as an instrument and also to celebrate fiddling itself, the men and women who bring this music to life, the entertainment, the coming together of family, friends and community, and the celebration of our unique and distinctive culture which finds such a melodic expression through the fiddle.


“I am absolutely delighted with the passage of this legislation. Fiddling has a rich history in our country, one which I believe needs to be recognized and celebrated. I envision a National Fiddling Day, where fiddlers give back to their communities by entertaining and sharing their talents to make people happy, to lift their spirits, and to celebrate the unifying nature of this country through the magic of music and the universality of this beautiful instrument.” – Honourable Elizabeth Hubley, Senator, Prince Edward Island

“When touring Canada, I am always amazed at how our country is united coast to coast to coast by the fiddle. It is part of so many unique traditions and every culture. I am proud to support this proposal for a National Fiddling Day.” – Natalie MacMaster, Internationally Acclaimed, Award Winning Fiddler from Troy, in Inverness County, Nova Scotia