NEXT WEEKEND:   Brockville Golf and Country Club!!!!!   Check out the details on my Events page… should be a great night!

So…. What’s not to love right now?

Returning from a great tour on the East Coast, it was wonderful to come home to lush green grass, overflowing trees and bright flowers!

Thank you to all of our hosts in NS, CB and NB for inviting us into your homes and communities once again.   I enjoyed my time with all of you and really appreciate all of the time and effort that goes into creating events for us.  You make touring so much fun and so rewarding on many many levels.   Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our shows and to say hello.  It feels like a bigger and bigger reunion every time I’m back in the East.  It always makes me a little sad to leave at the end of a tour.

I am looking forward, now, to a busy summer of festivals, fairs and fiddle camps.   I’m busy working on lesson plans and new band material.  It will be a nice change of pace for me.

It will be my first experience teaching and performing in Saskatchewan so I’m excited about that.  It will be fun to do a couple of shows too, with Troy MacGillivray and Jake Charron.   I also love returning to Clear Lake to see everyone there and to enjoy our fiddle campers!

Somewhere in the midst of summer “gigging”,   I need to find some creative time so that I can finally put a new CD out!  I feel it’s long over due…….   I will keep you posted and always appreciate your feedback and suggestions.  Thank you for those.

Have a great summer….. I hope to see you along the way!    Cheers, Kelli