photoWelcome back – (to ME that is!)  ha

I have been a little swamped lately but aren’t we all?   Thank you for checking in and for staying in touch.

Thank you to Terry Eagan and Lillian Wauthier for hosting a Wonderful concert in Scarborough recently.  It was part of an annual Healing Garden Music Fest and the Acoustic Harvest Music Series.

I performed with an outstanding group of Musicians which was a huge honour for me.  Thank you to  John Sheard,  Paul Mills, Wendell Ferguson, David Woodhead, Caitlin Hanford & Jason LaPrade for making this experience so incredibly rewarding!

The new CD recording officially kicked off yesterday!  I had Jake Charron in the studio to play piano on all of my fiddle tracks.  He is incredibly talented and has such a beautiful feel.   I didn’t want to quit!   It inspires me to continue to be creative in my writing and arranging until the recording resumes in January with the rest of the great musicians I have lined up!  Can’t wait!

I have a trio performance coming up in early December in an “online” format!  This will be a very strange experience, I’m sure, but it will to be a great way to reach more of you until I can see you in person.  Tune into Concert Window on December 4th at 8:00 p.m. EST to catch our mini webcast!

I hope you can join us from your own home and I welcome your thoughts on it.  Should be fun and very different!

Cheers to you,  Kelli

OH and if you need to get a start on your Christmas shopping…. my CD is still available and makes a great gift!!!!  Just sayin’