Happy New year!!  I hope everyone enjoyed a joyous Christmas season and that you have kicked your year off in good health.

I have hit the ground running as I have been preparing for my big show with the Kingston Symphony this weekend, Jan 17!

It will be an honour to share the stage with these incredible musicians.  Thank you to Andy Thompson and Bill Bridges for writing beautiful charts for my concert material.  This will be a thrill and I look forward to doing more symphony shows in the future.

Thank you to everyone who tuned into my online show in early December with Concert Window.  It was a very cool experience and I hope to do it again sometime.  Maybe when my new cd is ready to launch!

I’m wrapping up some final writing for the project and we lay down the bed tracks in the studio this weekend.  That means: bass, drums, guitar and maybe keyboards.  We build from there.  It’s very exciting and I will keep you posted!!!!

Watch for the details of my BC tour in March!

Apparently…  this is what all of my symphony music and recording ideas look like so far on a computer screen. Yikes!  We have barely recorded anything solid yet. I think we need a bigger screen!!!!!

Stay warm….. I will be in touch.  Kelli