I can’t believe it’s August already and I haven’t booked a holiday!  I guess when my work brings me so much joy and happiness, I forget sometimes that I’m actually working!

If you’ve never been to Westben, just outside of Campbellford, ON,  please check it out.  It’s a beautiful old barn converted into a theatre with sides that open to allow sunshine and fresh air through.  It is a classy venue and set up.

The Mushy Peas and I played Westben last weekend and realized it was exactly 15 years ago, to the day, that we did our first ever show together at the Glengarry Highland Games!  I am so lucky to have them on my team!

We are preparing for the Enterprise Jamboree this weekend and then on to the Shelburne Fiddle Contest after that to perform two shows.  I know it will be a reunion of fellow fiddlers as always.

Cobden Fair and the Canadian Grand Masters’ Fiddle Camp will wrap up my summer schedule but it looks to be a busy fall season ahead too!

If you’re anywhere around the Kingston area in September, check out the Blue Skies Adult Music Camp in Battersea.  I will be teaching there with Lynn Myles and Keith Glass.   Should be a great new experience!

The International Plowing Match has us performing in Finch in late September.  That’s always a fun and interesting event.   Following that will be the Bereaved Families of Cornwall Annual Gala which is an incredible and magical evening for a wonderful Cause.

My busy season wraps up with my Induction into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame!  I don’t think that has hit me yet!!!!  It will SOON I’m sure!

Enjoy your summer and I hope to see you over the next month or so!  Thanks for stopping by.  Drop me a note any time.  I will try to check in soon!   Cheers, Kelli