Being an active fiddle and stepdance judge for over 20 years, Kelli recognizes the value in competitive feedback. While a number score is the defining factor in class placement, it has no bearing on how much a judge liked or disliked a performance. Unfortunately, many people do not ask to see the judges’ scores and comments and therefore miss out on ways to improve. For this reason, Kelli has come up with a service to help you better prepare for upcoming competitions and/or shows. Every little bit helps!

Email Kelli at to request written feedback on your performance. Email your audio or video performance to Kelli for her review and written feedback on ways to improve. Each review can be paid through a paypal money request from Kelli at $20.00 each.


Kelli began her teaching career at the tender of age of 13 when friends and neighbours requested her instruction. She received her Grade IX violin from the Royal Conservatory and went on to earn her Bachelor of Education degree from Queen’s University. After many years of teaching privately, Kelli currently has very little time to devote to private instruction, however she continues to “coach” fiddle and stepdance when time permits. Due to the lack of specialty teachers in her area, Kelli tries to fill the void for those students who are devoted to improving and following their passion.

Kelli works regularly as a fiddle and stepdance instructor at many music camps across Canada and the U.S. She has had the honour of teaching with some great Canadian Fiddlers and accompanists over the years, including: Calvin Volrath, Brian Hebert, Gordon Stobbe, Greg Simm, Bobby Lalonde, Kimberley and Skip Holmes, Troy and Kendra MacGilliveray, Shane Cook, April Verch, Mark Sullivan, Andre Brunet, and Winnie Chaffe.

When hired to judge competitions or to perform solo concerts, Kelli is always able to offer workshops and private lessons as an added feature to any event.

She thoroughly enjoys working with people of all ages and has made many fans and friends on every occasion.