At a women’s conference for ETFO. I was an honour to have Peggy White and Denise Ferguson on stage with me. Great musicians and friends too.

I feel like a kid who just got a good report card!   My latest MRI and CT scan came back with positive results.  They both indicated that the aneurysm had been “obliterated”!

I have started to step dance again, just lightly and my walking pace has picked up significantly.  Hoping to continue making good progress.

I spent a week or so in NS in February, teaching at Shivering Strings music camp and enjoying the time with friends, fellow musicians and students.  I am incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I do.

Now…  trying to find more time to write and to be creative.  I am feeling the itch to get recording again so I must get some songs and tunes finished up!  If you have any suggestions of things you’d like to hear, please feel free to share your ideas.

Looking forward to a very busy spring and summer season now that I am on the mend.  I hope to see many of you “out and about” soon.  Happy “almost” spring!  Kelli