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Youth fiddlers present Gold and Fiddle Fever

Williams Lake Tribune

“The Cariboo Youth Fiddlers took a workshop earlier this year with Canadian fiddler Kelli Trottier. May 30 the youth fiddlers will introduce their new show at the Gibraltar Room.”

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Concert Review: Fiddle-fueled magic at the Kootenay Gallery

“The show was a sonic and visual adventure, deftly paced and thoroughly entertaining. This tandem has a joint talent-account that is apparently bottomless and the seasoned performers made full use of it.”

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Fiddler weaves fine tunes with her strings

“Kelli Trottier won’t let you down but she might get you tapping your toes and dancing.”

Bowfire steps off tour for hometown concert

“Trottier is a champion fiddler and step dancer who has been trotting the globe with Bowfire, a modern string ensemble that features old time fiddling, bluegrass, jazz and classical styles”

Celtic Music Hall of Fame nominees

“ALL IN THE FAMILY: Kelli Trottier, top and parents, Sherrill, top right and father Rene, right, will all be inducted into the Celtic Music Hall of Fame.”

Kelli Trottier returns for Dunvegan Concert

“Glengarry’s fiddling phenom Kelli Trottier has been forging her own path since she was nine years old, singing, dancing and playing her way to the pinnacle of her musical genre.”

Fiddling, singing and step dancing star at Fiddle Fest

“Come out and experience this fiddle dynamo on stage”

Trottier comes up front

“Angel-voiced Celtic star steps out of the wings”

Kelli takes ‘Glengarry’ to Taiwan

She will represent the Celtic fiddle while others will play their instruments in a variety of genres including gypsy, classical, bluegrass and electro-acoustic.”

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