Well Happy New Year!  I hope the year ahead looks healthy and bright for you!

Maybe I’ll find more time to blog here to stay in touch with you.

So the calendar on my wall is already full of scribbles and dates so I’m hoping I’ll get to see you out and about here and there.

If you are wanting to step it up this year and get into shape (not saying you’re not already), keep my stepdance DVD in mind!  It’s a lot of fun and such wonderful exercise which doesn’t feel like exercise so what could be better than that?

I’ll be doing several fiddle camps this year again starting with Shivering Strings in NS in February and then doing a workshop in Toronto as well mid-month.

House concerts are filling in as well so please keep an eye on my schedule in case I’m near you! Would be great to say hello and to share some toe-tapping music.  I’ll sign off for now so as to get this OUT before summertime and I’ll be in touch again soon.

Always good to hear from you so don’t be shy to drop me a line any time!  All the best for the year ahead!    Kelli